The Hollow

Per my mom’s suggestion, I watched the horrible movie The Hollow,

which does feature the one and only Nick Carter. Let me just say that that was a surprise in and of itself. Watching Nick run around on screen, pleasantly overweight, spouting off horrible dialogue, and consistently playing the asshole, brings back so many fond memories of my friends Ainsilie and Nikki. They were incredibly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, which, for a boyband, did have decent music. (Photo taken from

First, I just want to mention that this campy flick did have an excellent shout out to Fangoria, one of the best horror magazines I’ve ever encountered – and I was supposed to be a freelance writer for them! Though, that did not help the movie from having horrible actors, unrealistic dialoguing, and obviously amateur cinematography and direction. There was

little to no social commentary, which could have added a redeeming quality, like we see in many of the Troma films. Probably the best thing going for this movie would be the fact that Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) is the female protagonist, playing opposite the incredibly attractive Kevin Zegers (Photo from, as well). 

For those of you interested in

this fantastical take on the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane, the story is thus: Ian Cranston (and yes they go in to detail about why the name changed) moves to Sleepy Hollow (a much better rendition – referring to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, circa 1999) with his family, where the legend is set to take place. Of course, Ian is the natural legacy to Icabod – they couldn’t even think up a better name than Ian – and has to face the Horseman head on. Like all decently thought out slasher films, which this one would lend itself to that sub-genre, there are the stereotypical characters: sluts, jocks, rebellious kid that just so happens to be the main guy, the atypical cheerleader type who falls for the protagonist, the crazy drunk that enacts the stories subplots and the film’s modus operandi, and the disbelievers.

The minimal plot, along with its several plot holes (mentioning characters’

names that we’ve never met, or incongruously know though we only recognize them because of their comical demise), advance the opportunities for the main guy to get the girl and his chance to shine, thus saving the day – or, in this case, the night. I will admit, however, that there were several campy elements I thought this film did well. Some of the better ones, that actually seemed pretty spooky and in relation to another film Trik ‘r Treat (2007 [2009]) – a much better Halloween film if you ask me – the best feature belongs to the rendering of the Horseman with a pumpkin head. If you really want to celebrate one of the first US Halloween legends, then add the Jack-o-Lantern!

Well, I will leave you on this note: for those that enjoy simplistic horror films with actors and actresses you may have only seen a few times, and with an outrageously campy feel, then I believe you would enjoy The Hollow.